Small farm producing hand crafted, single vineyard wine. Hand picking and natural winemaking processes. Unfined and unfiltered to show the true expression of the land. 2017 wines are very expressive and elegant with slinky fine tannins and are not over drying at all. 2017 is one of the best vintages ever in Yarra Valley. 2016 in Remstal is a little cooler than 2015 so the resultant wines a little bit more restrained with more light citrus, apple and floral notes.


Mayer Chardonnay 2017
Mayer Chardonnay. Balanced toasty oak and buttery notes with sublime freshness coming from the fabulous 2017 fruit. Gorgeous white peach grapefruit with a spiced lime hit towards the very complex finish. A rare thing indeed. According to Timo it’ll be gone in a matter of weeks so can’t guarantee availability. Don’t dilly dally around, order some now. $55

Mayer Gamay 2017

The Gamay has an incredible structured palate with a touch of Mayer funkiness, uplifted spice, plenty of dark cherry and rose hips. Unbelievably drinkable with a hell of an ability to pair with duck or mushroom dishes. Surprisingly good with BBQ chicken as well. Very limited availability, be quick. $50

Bloody Hill Pinot Noir 2017

The Bloody Hill Pinot Noir is 100% crush and de-stemmed for fleshy drink now juicy style. A very classy effort this year with more raspberry, red cherry and strawberry notes than last year. Plush stuff that will glide down with the greatest of ease. Very impressive or at a BBQ with your very best friends. Don’t waste it. $55


Mayer Close Planted Pinot Noir 2017

The Mayer Pinot is from the ‘close planted block.’ Due to the uniqueness of this vineyard the wines are always rich, concentrated and have an excellent complexity and length. 30 % whole bunch has added a prettiness working well with the nose of violets, dark cherry and spice. Luscious rounded plate with plenty of fine velvety tannin. Most successful wine on the night of the tasting. Drink now or cellar comfortably for 15 years. $55

 Dr Mayer Pinot Noir 2017

The Dr Mayer Pinot Noir is 100% bunch style. Minimal intervention taken very literally. This stuff is fermented the picking bin. The nature of 100% whole bunch ferments is stalky now and extra uplifted blue and red fruit after 6 months in the bottle or a quick decant at the table right now. Get a little air into it and watch it develop in the glass. Blackberry, dark cherry and game notes a plenty here on both nose and palate. Impressive stuff.  Pair with venison, age for up to 20 years if you have the patience. $55

Mayer Syrah 2017

The Syrah is showing typical cool climate black pepper, mint and raspberry notes. There is a darker fruit spectrum of mulberry and plum on the palate as well. Of course, there is funkiness from spontaneous ferment. Complex and intense palate will allow balance with slow cooked richer style foods. Decant and drink now or lay down and drink with the grand-kids one day in the distant future. $55

Mayer Cabernet 2017

The Cabernet was one of my favourites on the night of the tasting. A 12% alc/vol and fresher more elegant style cabernet. Very rare that an attempt at this style comes off as successfully as this.  Normally costs an arm and a leg and has Bordeaux written on the label somewhere if it does. Certainly, it would cost a lot more than $55. Let’s just hope that judges have their wits about them when they blind taste it. Soft acids and tannins, cassis, violet and thyme leap out of the glass, soft and very fresh palate. Age a few years for early drinking or cellar carefully for 15 to 20 years. To whom it may concern, if you’re reading this cabernet not only matters, it’s more stylish than ever and back with a vengeance. $55

Mayer Nebbiolo 2017

This Nebbiolo is an amazing, fruit driven style at this youngish age. That will be Timo’s minimal intervention in action again. There is a blood orange characteristic and the typical tar and rose note complimented by a tannic edginess that Nebbiolo is known for. Finely structured mouthfeel and expressive length. Venison with redcurrant jus would balance things out rather nicely. Drink soon beside food to counteract the tannin structure or age for a long, long time, this one can do both. Sometimes there just are not enough points to go around. $55

This is one vintage not to be missed!