Mayer Sangiovese 2019


I was quite excited about this when I heard about it. An excellent vintage planted to Brunello clones so should really suit Timo’s winemaking style. I have worked with fruit from this vineyard before and it is always quality. Small compact bunches packed full of flavour and quality tannins. Forward intense blue fruit, dark cherry, red cherry, Morello cherry with woody herbs and a touch of aniseed coming in about the same time as Timo’s classic character. It’s sangiovese folks so don’t expect miracles in the first twelve months ie. let it evolve a little and this will show many rewards, that’s just sangiovese; always better after time in the bottle. The alternative is to buy a decanter or drink wine that’s not quite ready. Not sure why it’s cheaper than the rest but I try not to ask too many questions. Limited supply so while stocks last

$55 or 3 for $150