Airlie Bank Yarra Valley Franc 2018


This really is one of the most difficult grapes to deal with so when I taste a wine like this that’s fragrant fruity and really drinkable I take note. Hooray winery team at Punt Road. top job. I tried this with Duck Confit on the weekend and it did the job quite well. Enough refreshing acidity to cut through the fat in the dish, enough depth to match the depth of the dish and enough length so that you could still taste everything. Hooray to Neil and the kitchen team at Coombe Farm as well for the nice duck. As usual there are fragrant herb blossom notes (if you are not certain what I mean by that grab some flowers of your thyme bush and smell) as well as black pepper and cassis. Some crunchy red fruits redcurrant or cranberry and a nicely structured wine with soft edges. Would do a nice job with Italian fare as well.